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Hello beauties! I apologize for taking so long to get this haul up, but in my defense I DID already write it once… but something happened with the website and I lost my entire post.  So here I am… AGAIN… trying to get this up for you 🙂  It’s all good though, because I’m so excited about the things I’ve picked up over the last several weeks, and I can’t wait to share them with you. There is a slight mix of drugstore with higher end products, and there are QUITE A FEW things here, SO let’s hop to it shall we?


First up we have eye products. I’ve been trying to find a dupe to MAC’s Antiqued eyeshadow for a bit now, and I picked up this quad from the Maybelline’s Eyestudio line in “Give Me Gold” thinking maybe the coppery shade would fit the bill. I’m thinking it may be a bit orange now that I have it, but it’s still a gorgeous color for fall.  Then as you can see underneath the quad, I’ve acquired quite a few mascaras. I’ve got the waterproof Rocket Volum’ Mascara from Maybelline, the waterproof Lash Love Mascara by Mary Kay, and a sample of Lancome’s Definicils mascara in the regular formula. Normally I need waterproof formulas to help with smudging, but I’m excited to see if the Lancome mascara lengthens my lashes at all. If you’d like to see how I use the Mary Kay mascara and how I keep it totally smudge proof, simply click here to see my post on it.



All right guys… if you saw my last post you’ll know I’m completely in love with the new Revolution Lipsticks by Urban Decay. AND if you’ve followed my last couple of posts you know I started out with buying three when I went with my boyfriend to visit his mom in Oregon, and I got the shades F-Bomb, Anarchy, and Naked. I loved them so much I eventually picked up Jilted and Shame. I know – the picture above only has four lipsticks in it, but I just had a blonde moment and forgot to grab Shame to stick it in the photo. Sorry about that, but if you’d like to see a review and swatches of these lipsticks, just click here. ALSO, I picked up a 24/7 lip liner in Naked by Urban Decay. This for me is the perfect match to my lip color so I can wear it with anything, and I love the new formula!



Now on to face products. Holy moly guys, I think I may have some new holy grail items in my stash.  First product shown on the left is the it Cosmetics Hello Light pressed highlighter. Holy crap. I LOVE this highlighter. This just may be the most natural looking, GORGEOUS highlighter I’ve ever used. Let me know if you’d like a review and/or demo, because I’d love to share this further. Take home message: I LOVE IT.

Next over we have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Flawless Concealer in Medium Light. This stuff works amazingly under the eyes and on blemishes, and it lasts so incredibly long. When I got just the TINIEST bit darker I needed to pick up a different shade SO… there it is 🙂 And it works wonderfully with my new Lancome Photogenic Lumessence foundation in the shade Bisque 2C (I’m currently an NC 25 in MAC for reference). I had never heard of this foundation until a Nordstrom sales associate recommended it for my sometimes slightly drier skin. So far I’m loving it!

And last but not lease for face products we have something I picked up totally on a whim, which I almost NEVER do… I don’t like to waste money when buying more expensive products so I always research the crap out of them first, but I’m so glad I decided to pick up Mally’s Perfect Prep Poreless Primer. If you’d like to hear more about it I’ll do a separate post, but take away message for this primer is: it is the BOMB.COM. (I just wish it wasn’t in a jar.)



All right so I got new face, lip, and eye products… I’ve got to balance those out with a new perfume right? Or maybe PERFUMES? First I picked up the new fall scent called Amber Blush from Bath and Body Works.  This is slightly sweet with definite notes of raspberry. THEN I bought my Lancome foundation from Macy’s, the store had a gift with purchase promotion which included a sample of their newest perfume, La Vie Est Belle. It has a sweet smell to it, but it’s not overpoweringly sickening sweet. To me it’s much more sophisticated. Well, when I tried this scent on for the first time and my boyfriend smelled it, he had QUITE the strong reaction. And by that I mean it was a really GOOD reaction. I figured if this stuff got that kind of response out of him, I had to pick it up.  The lotion also came as part of the gift with purchase, so now I’m covered!



Lastly, I picked up Philosophy’s When Hope is Not Enough facial serum. This is another item that was recommended to me by a Nordstom sales associate, and he thought this would be good for slightly agitated, flaky skin (which I had at the time because of Retin-A). While I do think it does lightly moisturize the skin and it helps soothe it, it has a very unpleasant smell and I’m already half way through the bottle, which seems quick to me. If you have had any experience with this serum please let me know if you also felt like it went fast, and what you think it smells like. I can’t put my finger on it, I just know it’s not the most pleasant smell in the world.


Well guys that’s it for this haul! If you have ever used any of these products or have any questions I’d love to hear from you to see what you think!  Also, let me know if you have any requests for reviews! If you’re not the blog-commenting-type you can always hit me up on Twitter or Instagram – I’d love to hear from you! (my username is eyesmadeup on both sites).

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you next time!