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Good evening beauties!  Here is the review of Urban Decay’s new Revolution Lipstick I promised yesterday!  I know it’s a tad late in the day, but better late than never right?

Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely LOVE these. I seriously LOVE them. The last time I got this excited over a new lipstick was probably when Maybelline came out with their Color Vivids (see my review of those here).  And I HAD to be excited about these to shell out $22 a pop!


Well, let’s start with the review. I love the packaging of these lipsticks – I have never owned any of UD’s prior lipsticks, but from what I’ve seen these are a lot less bulky.  I think the tubes look really sleek and they feel pretty heavy duty, so I’m not afraid that the lids are going to pop off in my purse.  I give packaging a 5/5.


My Shades

The first colors I picked up were Naked, F-Bomb, and Anarchy. I chose Naked over Naked 2 because Naked 2 is a lot more beige, and beige-y nudes tend to not look as good on my NC 25-30ish skin tone (they make me look quite dead actually). I wanted a “your lips but better” shade, and plain ol’ Naked (which is more of a pink nude) fit the bill nicely. F-Bomb struck me by what a gorgeous, classic red it is, and Anarchy just looked like hot pink FUN to me.


However, I couldn’t stop with having only three. I fell so in love with this formula I picked up Jilted while out with a girlfriend, and after a somewhat stressful week I picked up Shame as a slight pick-me-up.




Left to right: Naked, F-Bomb, Anarchy, Jilted, and Shame


Let’s talk about the formulas of these bad boys, and what the company claims they’ll do.  According to Urban Decay’s website, these lipsticks are supposed to be creamy, long lasting, nourishing, and hydrating.  The company refers to them as “Creamy Badass Luxury.”  So what’s my take on all of that?

While I wouldn’t necessarily say that these lipsticks are super hydrating or nourishing, they are certainly not drying as most long wearing lipsticks I’ve tried are. None of the ones I’ve swatched have been very glossy at all, but they aren’t particularly matte either.  They just have a very nice, subtle sheen to them, and they look gorgeous on the lips.

Also, they go on incredibly pigmented (the swatches below were made with only 1-2 swipes!), they don’t dry out my lips, they don’t accentuate any lines in my lips either, and they really do last a long time. I had swatches of Shame and Venom on my hand from earlier in the day yesterday, and I STILL had a good amount of color left after doing dishes, washing my face, AND rubbing over the swatches with soap and water. The swatches could still be seen on my hand this morning!

Overall, as far as staying true to the company’s claims I give these a 4/5, but I really do love the formula, so I give the quality of the formula a 5/5.  I absolutely have no regrets about spending $22 on each of these lipsticks, and I actually DO feel like a badass when I have them on 🙂 I seriously cannot wait to build up my collection of these.


Color Selection

There are 22 shades available in this line. Twenty of these are available at stores like Ulta and Sephora, while the full range is available on Urban Decay’s website. While I’m sure maybe a few of these shades can be duped, there are also a lot of really unique shades like I’ve never seen before, and there a lot of variations within a shade family, so it seems there is something to suit every skin tone.

For instance, there are three to choose from in the FUCHSIA family: Anarchy is just a “BAM-in-your-face” bright fuchsia, Jilted is a deeper fuchsia with more blue in it, and Catfight is a more pink fuchsia with red undertones.  There are also many different pinks, reds, and nudes to choose from.

My absolute favorite would have to be Jilted: if you look at the above photo, you’ll see that it’s a pretty (slightly shimmery) deep fuchsia, but at certain angles it has a blue shift to it. It makes my teeth look whiter, and I love how it compliments my skin tone. And while Shame looks a bit scary dark in the tube, when swatched it’s simply a beautiful, deep berry color that can be toned down a bit by blotting. These two will be staples in my fall makeup looks, I can guarantee that.

When it comes down to it, I’m impressed with the shade selection, so I give the color range a 5/5.

Final Thoughts

I can’t say it enough – I truly, 100% love these lipsticks. They are a total 5/5 for me. I want more, I want them ALL, even though they aren’t the cheapest. The quality is excellent, and I think Urban Decay did an amazing job.

I know I only have 5 of the shades, but I found a wonderful blog that has swatches of all of the shades if you are interested, simply click here.

 I’m interested to know what YOUR favorite shades are! So, please leave it (or them!) in a comment, and if you have any questions please leave those as well 🙂 OR if you’re not a commenting-on-blogs kind of person, I’d love to hear from you on my twitter or on Instagram! My username for both sites is “eyesmadeup”.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re having a fabulous day, and I’ll see you again soon with a haul!