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In the past it never mattered what mascara I used – it would always smudge onto my eyelids (which are extremely hooded) and underneath the outer corner of my eyes.  I could use the most waterproof of waterproof formulas, but it wouldn’t matter… A few hours into the day my lashes would be smudge city. However, luckily I came across a YouTube video that has solved that problem!

One thing to keep in mind about waterproof mascara is that it is exactly that – WATER proof, not OIL proof. Your skin releases oil, and when it comes into contact with the mascara on your lashes the mascara begins to break down. Also, waterproof formulas just have more wax in them, which enables them to stand up to water and hold curl better. Unfortunately…. oil will get through these formulas as well.

What does one do to solve this problem, you may ask? The answer is very simple, and requires only a few products. Just keep in mind that:


What I used:

**Keep in mind that most are Mary Kay products, as I am a consultant, but many other brands also make similar products**

  1. Mascara –  preferably a waterproof version (my favorite is the Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof formula).
  2. Translucent powder (I prefer the new loose translucent powder by Mary Kay)
  3. A small fluffy brush (I normally use the Sigma E40 blending blush)
  4. Makeup Finishing or Setting Spray (I use the new MK finishing spray, but Urban Decay and Skindinavia also make these sprays as well)


After I apply my mascara, I let it set for a few seconds. Then, I take my small fluffy brush with a bit of powder on it, tapping off any excess.

I VERY LIGHTLY sweep the brush over my lashes, on top and the bottom, and anywhere my lashes might come into contact with skin (eyelids, brow bone, underneath the lower lash line). It’s important to be very light handed with the powder, otherwise it’ll look like you have dusty eyelashes (NOT CUTE!!), and powdering the skin ensures that the oil will get soaked up before it can reach the lashes.

Seems weird I know, but now the mascara has been set with the powder! Step one to preventing smudging is complete. NOW, I close my eyes and lightly mist my powdered lashes with the makeup finishing spray.  I’ve now set the powder that has set my waterproof mascara! It’s la triple action plan to preventing smudging!

Here are the steps again, cliff note version:

  1. Apply mascara.
  2. Sweep fluffy brush with a little powder on it over your lashes and any skin your lashes come in contact with.
  3. Close your eyes and lightly mist your lashes with setting spray.

I hope this was helpful for you 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have a wonderful day!